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The Gloss Shop ZEN1TH Ceramic Coating

The Gloss Shop ZEN1TH Ceramic Coating


*** Formerly Ceramic Coating V2 ***

Featuring a blend of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), this easy to use ceramic coating will give you up to 2 years durability with proper maintenance.  Much longer than standard wax and paint sealants.  The Gloss Shop ZEN1TH Ceramic Coating is a multi-surface coating which saves you money.  ZEN1TH can be applied to paint, glass, plastic, and metal.  This eliminates the need to buy multiple products.  When applied to plastics they will take on a “just dressed“ appearance.

We recommend maintaining the coating with The Gloss Shop Ultra Body Wash to cut through tough road film at least every two weeks.  An application of Hydrophobe Express Coating will add intense water beading and extremely slick surface.

Our coating is handmade in the USA in small batches.  It meets VOC compliance laws in all 50 states.  While the coating does not have strong odors common to ceramic coatings, we still recommend applying in well ventilated areas and wear proper protective equipment.


1) Wash & dry vehicle thoroughly
2) To achieve best results, decontaminate surface to remove bugs, waxes, silicones, & fallout.  Polish paint to remove swirls & scratches if desired.
3) Shake well.  Pour a few drops on applicator.  Working in small sections out of direct sunlight, wipe on cool surface in a crosshatch pattern.
4) Ambient working temperature of 60-85° F, allow 1-5 minutes before gently wiping residue with microfiber towel.  Do not use heavy pressure.
5) Allow 24 hours before exposing to water.
*Discard applicator and towels after use.  Recommended PPE: gloves, safety glasses, and respirator.
Do not wash vehicle for the first week after application of coating to allow proper curing

Pro Tip:  When using on glass we highly recommend wiping residue at 1-2 minutes.  Any longer and the towel can become grabby and require additional effort to remove.

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