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The Gloss Shop Sublime Express Wash | 16 ounce

The Gloss Shop Sublime Express Wash | 16 ounce

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Sublime Express Wash offers a fast way to clean your vehicle when traditional washing is not an option. Using biodegradable materials, this rinse free (aka rinseless) wash can be used to safely clean exterior and interior surfaces and eliminates waste water. Use it on paint, trim, glass, wheels, and even tires. Sublime Express Wash can be used in a body shop environment since this formula does not contain silicones, waxes, or gloss enhancers.

Color: Lime Green

Scent: Cherry Limeade (mild)

*New Formula 

Suggested Dilution Ratios:

* Each capful equals 1/3 ounce on 16 ounce bottles

1:256 (1 ounce per 2 gallons of water)

- Rinseless Wash, regular and maintenance cleaning

1:128 (1 ounce per gallon of water)

- Rinseless wash,  heavy grime

- Waterless or spray on wash, light grime

- Interior plastics, light to mild grime

1:64 (1 ounce per 1/2 gallon of water)

- Waterless or spray on wash, moderate to heavy grime

- Clay bar or clay alternative (towel/pad) lubrication

- Interior plastics, moderate grime

1:15 (1 ounce per 15 ounces of water)

- Paint prep, wheel/tire cleaner (mild grime)

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